11. Tyres with a y | Formula 1-01

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
11. Tyres with a y | Formula 1-01

Tyres with a why?! Let's learn all about tyres.  We talk the business side of things, break down all the technical stuff, explore tyre strategy, and delve into pit stops. And of course, we get a little side-tracked (we love track limits as much as Max) with some funky F1 tyre stories and conspiracy theories. Boxes, let's roll 😎

  • The (en)tire history of F1 tyres
    • TBT Bridgestone & Michelin
    • Indygate! Indianapolis GP 2005
    • Pirelli the sole F1 tyre manufacturer since 2010
  • Tyre type
    • Dry tyres
    • Wet tyres
  • Pit stops
    • Pit stop strategy
    • New pit stop rules (enforced as of Spa 2021)
  • The Pit Crew
  • Tyre strategy
    • Pre-race set up
    • F1 race rules
      • George Russell, Sakhir 2020
      • Valtteri Bottas, Monaco 2021
    • At-race strategy
      • Weather
        • Spa 1998
        • Hungary 2021
      • Tyre management
        • Get all up in your feels
        • Driving style (bless up Checo)

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