13. Baku Grand Prix | Race debriefs

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
13. Baku Grand Prix | Race debriefs

It’s the Baku Grand Prix! And what an action-packed, drama-filled race it was. There were heartbreaks and overtakes and smoking brakes and popping tyres (ffs). To help us discuss it all  is Box Box's very first guest, Dyaus! Dyaus respects the drama, but also has all the technical know-how to really make this analysis shine. Not to mention, he’s a real-life Brit which def ups our street cred. Let’s get to it! 

A note: Rachelle somehow ended deep in the Monaco tunnel again this week, so please forgive any sound issues!

  • Intro
  • Digital Roundup
  • About Baku
    • Baku the city
    • Baku the circuit
  • The race
    • Lewis Hamilton + Mercedes mind game strategy
    • Lance Stroll retires because of tyre failure
    • Pierre Gasly performance
    • Max Verstappen crash
    • Team principals chat with FIA
    • Lewis Hamilton’s brakes
    • Sergio Perez and the Pope
    • Checo as the #2 Red Bull driver
    • Our driver of the day
    • Our worst driver of the day
  • Predictions for French GP

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