14. Remembering Singapore 2008 | F1 stories

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
14. Remembering Singapore 2008 | F1 stories

We celebrate what could have been with a short view back to the past. We revisit one of the most dramatic races of all time: Singapore 2008. 

But before we get knee-deep in all the drama, our digital roundup this week is a special one. First, we’re Internet famous! And second, we merge The Bachelor and F1 worlds together into some of our best memes yet. Vamos!

  • Digital roundup
    • We’re Internet famous on TikTok, Instagram, & Reddit!!! 
    • The Bachelor + Formula One – it’s one wild crossover
  • Singapore GP
    • Brief history
    • The track
  • Singapore 2008
  • Conclusion
    • If the F1 grid were contestants on The Bachelorette… 
    • Should we do movie recaps?
    • French GP

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