18. Styrian Grand Prix | Race debriefs

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
18. Styrian Grand Prix | Race debriefs

The hills are alive with the sound of engines (except Pierre’s 😭 )!!! The Styrian GP (round 1 in Austria) was a lot like schnitzel — simple, nothing too crazy, but yummy nonetheless. There were some overtakes, a few heartbreaks, but a lot of great driving really took the cake. Let’s get to it!

P.S. We know F1 made the same Sound of Music reference, but been waiting all season to use it so we're doing it too.

  • Digital Roundup
    • How the single F1 drivers fill their time
    • Guenther Steiner gets Mazespin a Mazespin (#inception)
    • Lando & Carlos love the F1 IG
  • Rachelle’s race recap
  • Hannah’s Analysis
    • Valterri Bottas’ penalty
    • Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, & Ferrari strategy
    • George Russell’s car issues
    • Red Bull + Mercedes
  • Conclusion
    • DOTD
    • Watch Rush
    • Next weekend — Austria round 2

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