19. Niki Lauda & “Rush” | Car-themed film/TV reviews

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
19. Niki Lauda & "Rush" | Car-themed film/TV reviews

To celebrate our second weekend in Austria, we're taking a short view back to the past to meet the F1 legend, Niki Lauda! We get to know Niki via the film Rush, a Hollywood retelling of Niki Lauda's tragic accident, incredible comeback, and his rivalry with James Hunt. James Hunt, played by Chris Hemsworth, was F1's resident playboy  (he was no Thor, but he certainly did his fair share of hammering). 

We're obsessed with the story and we hope you'll love it as well. We're also low key obsessed with Niki now? Certainly, he is the one man who could make our favorite Austrian trio (Arnold, Toto, & Captain Von Trapp obvs) a wholesome foursome. 

(Watch the movie Rush on Netflix.)

  • Digital roundup
    • F1 news
      • Turkey GP 2021
      • Styrian + Austrian GPs
      • BWT bleeds pink
      • Vote Kimi Räikkönen driver of the day
      • Daniel Ricciardo + Lando Norris & McLaren's "Unboxed"
    • Niki Lauda
      • About Niki
      • Rush recap, analysis, and highlights
    • Conclusion
      • Austrian grand prix

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