22. Before the British GP | F1 stories

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
22. Before the British GP | F1 stories

'Ello govna (soz, Brits) from Silverstone! We celebrate the British GP with a short view back to the past to revisit the scandal of scandals. The gate of gates. Spygate didn't just rock the F1 world, but it blew up the sporting world. The cataclysmic fight between McLaren and Ferrari was so  dramatically unbelievable, you half expect to hear Daniel Craig ordering a martini (shaken, not stirred) from the deep recesses of an F1 paddock. But instead of that much-desired glamour, our story begins in a random Milton Keynes print shop. Let's dive in!

  • Digital roundup
    • Lando Norris at Wembley 
    • Lewis Hamilton's diversity report
    • Aston Martin partners with TikTok
    • F1 reveals 2022 car
  • About Silverstone
    • Short history
    • About the track
    • Silverstone 2021
      • Sprint  races
      • Friday quali results
  • F1 story time: Spygate 2007
    • McLaren, Lewis Hamilton, and Fernando Alonso vs. Ferrari & Kimi Räikkönen 
  • Conclusion
    • British food!
    • Dyaus is back!

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