26. Hungarian GP follow-up + fuel basics | Formula 1-01

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
26. Hungarian GP follow-up + fuel basics | Formula 1-01

We may be a week into summer break, but Aston Martin and the FIA just can’t let the Hungarian GP go. With Sebastian Vettel’s disqualification came a lot of fuel-related questions. Why does the FIA need a fuel sample? Why didn’t Seb’s car have enough fuel? What even is fuel? We walk you through F1 fuel basics and break down Seb’s DQ as well as Aston Martin’s appeal. So once the verdict finally drops, we’re all prepared. Personally, we're advocating for a Pink Mercedes style hostage video from Lawrence Stroll. Let’s get to it!

  • Digital roundup
    • Max Verstappen’s cats Jimmy and Sassy
    • Fernando Alonso is Mary Magdalene
    • Subtle Seb segment 
  • F1 fuel basics
    • History of fuel in F1
    • Fuel strategy & management
    • FIA’s fuel sample rules
  • Sebastian Vettel DQ and Aston Martin’s appeal
    • Seb’s car only had the 30% needed for the sample
    • Aston Martin appealed the DQ
    • Aston Martin is scheduled for a hearing with the FIA next week
  • Sign-off
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