28. “McLaren” documentary | Car-themed film/tv reviews

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
28. "McLaren" documentary | Car-themed film/tv reviews

To sum up our takeaway from the McLaren documentary in three points:
1) Bruce McLaren was literally the coolest
2) Kiwis might be the loveliest group of people ever 
3) We feel majorly justified in being McLaren fans 'til we die

But before we delve into our McLaren analysis, we've obviously got to chat about F1 summer holidays and what everyone's been up to. Boxes, let's get to it!


  • Digital Roundup
    • Ranking summer breaks
      • Nicholas Latifi & George Russell vacation together
      • Charles Leclerc + Charlotte 
      • Lando Norris hits up Croatia
      • Basically, everyone is on a beach
      • Yuki Tsunoda golfs
      • Valtteri Bottas competes in a cycling race in Colorado
    • Rhude x Mclaren Collection
  • McLaren documentary
    • Early life in New Zealand
    • Racing career with Cooper Racing
    • McLaren Racing is born
    • Bruce builds cars + races!!!
    • Death + legacy
    • Final thoughts (Bruce McLaren is a GOAT)
  • Sign-off

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