29. “F9: The Fast Saga” | Car-themed film/TV reviews

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
29. "F9: The Fast Saga" | Car-themed film/TV reviews

Today we’re reviewing the latest installment in the Fast & Furious franchise, F9: The Fast Saga. Although it has almost nothing to do with F1, we noticed some similar themes. 

  • Travel around the world with your fav cars
  • Anonymous governing bodies try to control everything (Hi Michael & Stews)
  • Family is everything (F1 is a team sport!)
  • Fast & Furious wins the race (Flat-Brim Max Verstappen)
  • Daddy issues

But if there’s one definite area F1 is lacking, it’s Helen Mirren, who radiates fabulousness from her emeralds to her zebra-print booties.  Boxes, let’s get reviewing!

  • Digital Warmup
    • Lap 1: F1 news
      • Japan Grand Prix cancelled
      • Finalizing the calendar for the rest of the year
    • Lap 2: Gossip
      • Lewis Hamilton and The Bachelor’s Tyler C sharing gals
        • Tyler C’s very recent ex, Camila Kenra spotted at Lewis Hamilton’s Colorado home. What a crossover for us.
        • Why does Lewis Hamilton have a home in Colorado?
        • Did Lewis and Valtteri hang out in Colorado?
      • Lando Norris & Daniel Ricciardo Mr. and Mrs. video
      • Yuki Tsunoda vacations in Lake Como
      • Driver fan interviews
        • Yuki Tsunoda & Pierre Gasly have a great friendship
        • Lando misses Carlos Sainz
  • F9: The Fast Saga review
    • Disclaimer
    • Overview
      • Characters
      • Synopsis
    • Favorite scenes
      • Racing moments
      • The cars
      • The sights
      • The women
        • Helen Mirren
        • Charlize Theron
        • Cardi B
      • Tej & Roman
  • Sign-off

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