30. Before the Belgian GP & “The Grand Prix” review | Grand Prix prep

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
30. Before the Belgian GP & "The Grand Prix" review | Grand Prix prep

Did someone order an F1 race, a rainy forecast, and a side of Belgian fries? The Belgian GP weekend hasn’t even kicked off yet and it’s already serving us more excitement than a Lewis Hamilton outfit. 

As always, the first half of the episode breaks down everything you need to know before heading to Spa. Then, we revisit the ghosts of GPs past. We’re talking all about the 1966 Belgian Grand Prix, as told in the film The Grand Prix  (v good film, highly recommended). Boxes, let’s get to it!

  • Digital Warmup
    • Lap 1: F1 news
      • Fernando Alonso signs with Alpine for 2022
    • Lap 2: Goss
      • Lawrence Stroll & Toto Wolff accused of insider training
      • Lando Norris & Zak Brown play golf with Carlos Sainz’s face
      • Lewis Hamilton OOTD is a fashion emergency
  • Track Walk: The Spa circuit
    • History
    • Track info
    • What to expect
    • Where we stand in the season
  • The Grand Prix (1966)
    • Characters
    • Movie plot
    • The Belgian GP
    • Favorite scenes
  • Sign-off

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