37. The Russian GP | Race debriefs

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
37. The Russian GP | Race debriefs

To summarize, there was a rain cloud over Vladimir’s mother! The Russian GP gave us race-y racing and shady strategizing and drizzly despair. We saw some spectacular performances, like Lando charging through Sochi and Max starting from the bottom and now he’s…where?! Because as is often the case in F1, the rain washed away all our expectations leaving us with an unexpectedly expected result. Boxes, leggo!

  • Digital warmup
  • Rachelle’s Racing Rhyme
  • Hannah’s Analysis
    • Quali
      • Front of the grid
      • Back of the grid
    • Race
      • Start of the race
      • Pit strategies & pit stops
      • Max Verstappen destroys grid
      • Lewis Hamilton vs Lando Norris drama
      • Results
      • Driver of the Day
      • Dick in the Box Box
      • Current standings
    • Box Box
      • An answer to our Box Box Inbox question from last week
      • Turkey Grand Prix!

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