38. “Schumacher” documentary | Car-themed film/TV reviews

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
38. "Schumacher" documentary | Car-themed film/TV reviews

“Punch me Guido. Punch me in the face.” Get your Schumy on with us as we review "Schumacher" and get to know the man behind the legend. Plus, our Digital Warmup covers everything that’s happened in the F1 world over the last week. From glamorous movie premieres to elaborate af cakes. Let’s go!

  • Digital Warmup
    • Lap 1: F1 news
      • We’re getting a Qatar Grand Prix
    • Lap 2: Box Box Inbox    
      • We are issuing a correction re eclairs
      • We got the makings of a great review 
    • Lap 3: Lando & Daniel friendship
    • Lap 4: No Time to Die film premiere 
    • Lap 5: Nikita Mazepin PR
    • Lap 6: Max Verstappen’s cake
  • "Schumacher" Review
    • Overview
    • F1 start
    • F1 career
    • Retirement
    • Accident
    • Favorite documentary moments
  • Next week: the Turkish Grand Prix!

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