41. “Herbie Fully Loaded” | Car-themed film/TV reviews

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
41. "Herbie Fully Loaded" | Car-themed film/TV reviews

A couple of months ago we took to IG for a vote on films to review. And in the spirit of America (and the American GP this week), we chose the film that got zero votes. And now we know why. Today we’re reviewing Herbie Fully Loaded! Starring America’s sweetheart (circa 2000s), Lindsay Lohan!!! This movie isn't gonna shift your gears, but maybe our discussion will! And, dw, we spend the first half of the episode diving into everything going on the world of F1. Boxes, let's get boxing!

Digital Warmup

  • Lap 1: Box Box Inbox
    • Horse Girl Explains: Gina Schumacher's riding
    • Happy birthday to the OG Box!
  • Lap 2: F1 teams doing #America
    • Red Bull NYC promo
    • McLaren's football jerseys (no one asked for it)
    • George Russell & Alex Albon like the Miami Dolphins??
    • Zak Brown will make good on his bet with Danny R this week and let him drive one of his toy NASCAR cars (if you're worried about Cyril's bet, dw he sent Daniel an email)
  • Lap 3: 2022 calendar
    • F1 coordinators, once again, prove their inability to navigate a calendar
  • Lap 4: Lawrence Stroll on the Beyond the Grid  podcast
    • We love him. Can't do anything about it
  • Lap 5: Birthdays
    • Charles Leclerc turns 24
    • Kimi Raikkonen turns 42
    • The F1 Cake Segment
      • Unusual entries 
  • Lap 6: Bleak afternoon
    • Valtteri brought back the Bleak Afternoon filter. We discuss what this means.

Herbie Fully Loaded

  • Context
  • Plot
  • Takeaways/fav scenes

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