43. The US GP Review | Race Debriefs

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
43. The US GP Review | Race Debriefs

The US GP gave us a lot of Cowboy Mojo. Track limits were exceeded, spots were conceded, & some of our drivers got a lil overheated. But we witnessed some spectacular battles along the way. So, Boxes, let’s mosey on down to COTA and chat all things US GP!

  • Digital Warmup
    • Lap 1: Box Box Inbox
    • Lap 2: McLaren
      • Zak gets a phallic tattoo to commemorate Monza
      • Daniel drives Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s car
    • Lap 3: F1 continues to do #America
      • Free throw competition (turns out Lance has got moves)
      • Who wore the cowboy hat best (bottom two are definitely George Russell & Alex Albon)
    • Lap 4: Celebrity sightings
      • Ben Stiller
      • George Lucas
      • Meg Thee Stallion
      • Winnie Harlow
      • Shaq
    • Lap 5: Obituary for Hannah’s Mercedes
      • It’s sad
  • Racing Rhyme
  • Analysis
    • Free practice
    • Qualy
    • Race
      • Context
        • Front row is everything here
        • It’s h o t in Texas today (85 degrees!!)
      • Start
        • Lewis Hamilton gets a great start (did it help tho?)
      • Radio
        • Everyone loves a sassy call to Michael Masi (except Michael Masi)
      • Commentary
        • How many Texas references can our fav commentators get in there?
      • Results
        • Standings
        • Driver of the Day & Dick In the Box Box
          • Checo did it THIRSTY!
  • Box Box

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