46. The São Paulo GP Review | Grand Prix Debriefs

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
46. The São Paulo GP Review | Grand Prix Debriefs

What a pão-some weekend in Brazil! There was racing. Lewis Hamilton was a GOAT. Lando Norris felt 22. The FIA was consistently inconsistent. Christian Horner was predictably petty. And, oh look! A wild Fuming Toto Wolff appears. Boxes, let’s unbox-box the Brazil Grand Prix!

  • Digital warmup
    • Lap 1: F1 news
      • Goodbye Antonio “Italian Jesus” Giovinazzi and hello Guanyu Zhou!
    • Lap 2: After the Mexico GP
      • Was the Mexico GP Valtteri Bottas’ fault? (what isn’t Valtteri Bottas fault tbh)
      • Daddy issues continue: Charles Leclerc + Checo 
    • Lap 3: Before the Brazil GP
      • There were some logistics concerns & delayed deliveries. But nw, Haas & Guenther Steiner aren’t too concerned.
  • Racing Rhyme
  • Analysis
    • Quali
      • Go Lewis Hamilton! Oh, JK.
      • Max Verstappen pays up but don’t worry he’ll never be poor.
      • *Toto starts to lose it*
    • Sprint
      • Lewis is a champ
      • Seb is a comedian
      • Valtter gets P1
    • Race
      • Strategy (tires + pit stops)
      • Highlights
        • Hannah’s Haiku: Lando Norris’ Weekend
        • What a weekend for the top 2 D2s, Checo Perez & Valtteri Bottas
        • Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen at it again
    • Discussion: The Red Bull & Mercedes Feud
      • Max pushing Lewis wide
      • Michael Masi (aka sassy) is BACK
      • Christian “Karen” Horner & unhinged Toto
    • Results
      • Driver of the Day: Lewis obvi but also s/o to all the D2s out there
      • Dick in the Box Box
        • Potentially the FIA?
      • Standings
  • Box Box

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