49. Saudi Arabian GP Preview | Grand Prix Prep

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
49. Saudi Arabian GP Preview | Grand Prix Prep

Prepping you for Saudi Arabian nights which, like Saudi Arabian days, are more often than not, hotter than hot! Plus everything that’s been happening in the F1 world, from new friendships (Yuki Tsunoda and Alex Albon) to Tatt Talks With Zak & David. Let’s go, Boxes!

  • Digital Warmup
    • Lap 1: Post-Qatar
      • Max Verstappen hosts a Rogue Marshall Meet-and-Greet
      • Tatt Talks With Zak Brown & David Beckham
    • Lap 2: F1 goodbyes
      • Kimi’s farewell party at Alfa Romeo
      • Sir Frank Williams passed away today
    • Lap 3: F1 content
      • Charles Leclerc defends the bandana, Carlos calls him a fashion victim
      • Alex Albon compares him & Yuki Tsunoda to Dr. Evil & Mini-Me
    • Lap 4: Box Box Inbox
  • Track Walk: Jeddah Corniche Circuit
    • History (it’s short)
    • Circuit (it’s narrow & curvy)
    • What to expect (we make some bold af predictions)
      • Ferrari & The Monegasque Curse
  • Box Box

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