51. Abu Dhabi GP Preview | Grand Prix Prep

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
51. Abu Dhabi GP Preview | Grand Prix Prep

Jos on Yas?! Yaaaaas! But also all the important stuff that’s gone down this week in the F1 world (like Zak Brown experimenting with fashion) & we introduce a new segment called Tatt Chat (this week: Fernando Alonso’s face). Plus, as we head to Abu Dhabi, what can we expect from, what’s turning out to be, the most dramatic season finale in F1 history (*read in Chris Harrison's voice*)? Boxes, let’s get prepping!

  • Digital Warmup
    • Lap 1: McLaren
      • Zak Brown & Lando Norris golf With Carlos Sainz….Sr!! (should’ve been more specific when requesting a Carlos Sainz)
      • Zak Brown takes fashion inspo from Lewis + his love for McLaren and gets… bright papaya pants splattered with McLaren logos
      • McLaren livery features their sponsor Vuse Worldwide in an effort to promote a fun time that leads to maiming, at most. No Tobacco means no death.
    • Lap 2: Kimi’s last race
      • “I’m looking forward to when it’s over”
    • Lap 3: Hollywood
      • Who would Brad Pitt play in F1? Obviously Zak Brown
      • Williams x King’s Man
      • Kris Jenner would like Kendall Jenner to please date Lewis Hamilton
    • Lap 4: Tatt Chat
      • This week we cover temporary tattoos in the form of Fernando Alonso’s face on Daniel Ricciardo’s flexed bicep
    • Lap 5: Press conferences
      • A bit of banter + children ask hard-hitting and Us Weekly questions
      • A sneak peek at the lame trophy (deftly placed between Lewis & Max)  that no one actually gets to keep
  • Track Walk
    • History
      • It’s got a history and it’s got a future (til 2030, baby!!)
    • Circuit
      • YAAAAAS Marina Circuit
    • What to expect
      • Standings
      • Predictions
        • Lewis or Max will win. There might be flags
        • Or they DNF & Max wins by default & Mercedes takes the Constructor Championship
  • Box Box

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