52. Abu Dhabi GP Review | Grand Prix Debriefs

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
52. Abu Dhabi GP Review | Grand Prix Debriefs

Anyone know WTF just happened?? A new world champion was welcomed. And we waved goodbye to one or two (Ice Man, King's Man at Williams, and Italian Jesus to name a few). Mostly we suffered through the FIA making super good choices again and again. At least we got one last radio b/w Michael and Toto (they kept it super zen). Lewis was so good all season, but in the end, what happened happened. And in the words of Joel Embiid, we love you, Goatstappen 🐐 🏆 Let's unbox-box the Abu Dhabi GP 📦📦

  • Digital Warmup
    • Lap 1: Celebs love Lewis
    • Lap 2: Nikita has COVID and the race was NOT the same
  • Racing Rhyme
    • The Abu Dhabi GP summary. But it rhymes.
  • Analysis
    • Start
      • Look at Lewis Hamilton go
    • Pit Stop Strategy
      • Red Bull pulls out all the stops
      • Mercedes does not
    • Final Lap
      • FIA makes some confusing af calls
  • All the goodbyes
    • Bye Kimi Raikkonen
    • Bye Antonio Givionazzi
    • Bye George Russell at Williams
    • Bye Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes
    • Bye 13”  Pirelli tires
    • Bye Honda engines
  • Results

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