53. Wrapping Up the 2021 F1 Season | Formula 1 Season Review

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
53. Wrapping Up the 2021 F1 Season | Formula 1 Season Review

Ain’t no rest for drama! We recap what’s happened since Abu Dhabi. Spoiler alert: Lewis becomes a Sir, Toto gets hammered then dons a black turtleneck, Christian offers Latifi a lifetime of Red Bull, & Max is definitely, for sure, we really mean it this time, the 2021 world champion. Plus we look back on this wild 2021 season with a trip down memory lane, some superlatives, and a classic game of ‘shag, marry, cruise’. Time to Box Box for the very last time in 2021!

Digital warmup

  • Lap 1: Post Abu Dhabi
    • Red Bull Reaction
      • Christian Horner 
      • Poor Latiifi
    • Mercedes Reaction
      • Toto Wolff gets drunk + dons a black turtleneck
      • Where is Sir Lewis Hamilton?!
    • Fans reaction
      • Divided af
  • Lap 2: FIA
    • Potentially no more Michael Masi radio messages 🙁
    • Welcome new FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem
  • Lap 3: Box Box Inbox
    • How much money do F1 Constructor Champions get?
    • Why do some people sit on the pit wall (Mr. Ginger Spice) and others in the garage (Toto)?

Cooldown lap

  • Favorite moments
    • F1 season
      • Monza 1-2!
      • FIA radio
    • Box Box season
  • Superlatives
    • Driver of the Year
      • We love Carlos Sainz
      • We also love bb Checo Perez
    • Team of the Year
      • McLaren 
      • Alpine!
    • Rookie of the Year
      • Yuki Tsunoda forever & always
    • Best Grand Prix of the Year
      • Monza GP
      • Hungary GP
    • Worst Grand Prix of the Year
      • Lol Spa GP
    • Most Improved
      • Charles Leclerc’s luck
      • Valtteri Bottas’ mental health
    • Best/Worst Cake of the year
      • Best: Carlando
      • Worst: There are many options
    • Best/Worst Celebrity Sighting
      • Serena Williams’ post-race interview
      • All the speedy Monza guests (including Vin Diesel)
  • Shag, Marry, Cruise (F, Marry, Kill): F1 edition
    • PSA: We’d rather just be friends with all of them
    • Drivers
    • Team principals!

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