54. “Williams” documentary | F1 fim/TV reviews

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
54. "Williams" documentary | F1 fim/TV reviews

We’re back! And what DON’T we cover this week?! 

  • Secret Santa gifts
  • Speculation on Lewis Hamilton’s whereabouts (even Roscoe hasn’t posted)! 
  • Otmar’s departure (effective immediately). 
  • Lando’s extremely hot girlfriend.
  • Team handovers, which are extremely telling. For example, Alex Albon got white skinny jeans and sunglasses which indicates driving for Williams will be a vacay. And George Russell got a Valtteri Bottas mask with black holes instead of eyes.  
  • We talk all things Harry Potter & sort our fav team principals
  • We pay homage to Frank Williams & discuss the “Williams” documentary

Let’s Box Box our way into 2022 📦📦

  • Digital Warmup
    • Lap 1: Secret Santa
      • There were good gifts. And then there were tragic gifts
    • Lap 2: Where is Lewis Hamilton??
    • Lap 3: Otmar :’(
      • Cya, wouldn’t want to be ya
    • Lap 4: Handovers
      • Alex Albon receives white skinny jeans + sunglasses. Thanks George Russell
      • George Russell receives a Valtteri Bottas face mask with the words “Enjoy :)” on it. Lol telling
    • Lap 5: Lando Norris
      • Lando Norris gets a girlfriend
      • He’s a big boy now
      • Yay Lando!
    • Lap 6: Harry Potter
      • Hannah now understands Harry Potter
      • We sort the Team Principals :O 
  • “Williams” documentary
    • Overview of Frank Williams’ life
    • Discuss Claire, Ginny, & other big characters
  • Box Box

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