8. “Cars” & “Cars 2” | Formula 1-01

Box Box F1 Pod
Box Box F1 Pod
8. "Cars" & "Cars 2" | Formula 1-01

This week, we explore the world of motorsports, specifically the differences between Formula 1 and NASCAR, through the lens of Cars and Cars 2. But, mostly, it’s a love letter to Pixar’s most underrated franchise. 

  • Brief history of NASCAR and F1
  • Cars
    • Movie recap
    • Lots of opinions
    • Also, some useful info about how NASCAR operates compared to F1
    • Mick Schumacher cameo!
  • Cars 2
    • Movie recap
    • Even more opinions (especially concerning the cultural differences between NASCAR and F1)
    • A bit more useful info about NASCAR vs F1 (especially because both feature in this film)
    • Lewis Hamilton cameo!
  • Sign-off
    • Sneak peak at the pre-Monaco episodes

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